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Acupuncture has been used continuously as a form of healing for over 4000 years.

Chinese Medicine/ Acupuncture is the second most practiced medical system in the world today. Acupuncture is safe, effective and drug free without side effects and combines well with other forms of treatment. As well as being used for specific conditions it also helps promote general well being and maintenance. By stimulating specific areas on the body surface certain organs can be affected. Research in USA, China and Japan has shown that acupuncture directly influences the hormonal, nervous and immune systems in the body.

Health is considered to be a function of the smooth flow of energy (qi) through the body via a series of channels or meridians. If this qi circulation is blocked or disrupted illness or pain may result. Therefore the importance of diagnosis to establish where the imbalance is and to restore the smooth flow of qi and blood through the body- to rebalance the whole body.



People of all ages from children to elderly accept acupuncture well.

The single use, disposable needles are very fine. In some cases only a slight prick, if any, is felt as the needle is inserted. When the acupuncture point is activated there is a different sensation often described as a dull ache, pressure, or a numb tingly feeling. This sensation is quite comfortable. 

Often the treatment has a deeply relaxing effect and can leave one feeling floaty.

Acupuncture old book


The study and practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine demands a high level of commitment and proficiency.

Australia enjoys very high professional standards. The four year full time university course requires a comprehensive understanding of Chinese Medicine theory and practice, Western Medical sciences, and clinical competence. As well as hundreds of supervised hours of clinic time in Australia training is completed with many months of an internship in a Chinese hospital.

The governing body in Australia is the Australian Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Association (AACMA).

All qualified acupuncturists in Australia must also be registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).


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