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Allergies and Immune System Disorders

Easily catching colds and being susceptible to allergies is a good way of your body telling you that your Immune System is in need of a boost. 
In Chinese medicine this relates very much to your Lung energy being depleted. Often times this may manifest with a cough, sweating, sore throat, chills and fever, easily catching anything that is going around, sinus problems etc, etc. 
With a consultation involving many questions I will form a diagnosis and treat you with acupuncture and/or Chinese herbal medicine to boost your immune system and eradicate any manifestation you may present with. 
The immune system can be boosted at any time whether or not you have a cold or allergy at the time you visit the clinic. For example- you may come in for a session in Summer or Autumn to boost yourself for the coming Winter. Remember! Prevention is better than cure.

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