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Back Massage

Back Pain

Low back pain in Chinese Medicine encompasses pain and discomfort in one or both side of the thoracic, lumbar and/or sacral areas and the buttocks. Pain originating in the lumbar region is one of the most common complaints presenting in the clinic and affects about 80% of people at some stage of their lives.

The Chinese noticed that disorders affecting the Kidney often gave rise to low back pain and called the lower back the Palace of the Kidney. In Chinese Medicine a large proportion of low back aches have a component of some Kidney depletion.

Acupuncture can offer relief. Back pain can be the result of numerous causes- trauma, emotional disorders, structural changes, pelvic disorders or disc herniation to name a few.

Your acupuncturist will ask numerous questions to get to the root of the problem and then formulate a plan to address the situation.

Acupuncture is a pain free, drug free modality effective at addressing numerous pain issues. 

Chris often uses acupuncture in combination with other therapies including cupping, massage, moxibustion and infra-red heat therapy.

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