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Chinese New Year- Year Of The Tiger

February 1st 2022 denotes the beginning of the Chinese Lunar New Year- the year of the Tiger. Celebrations to greet the new year begin on this the first day of the Spring Festival and the door closes on the previous year. 2022 is the year of the Water Tiger (1962 was the last year of the Water Tiger). It represents strength and bravery. The year of the Water Tiger introduces a welcome change from the instability of 2020 and 2021 as New Year celebrations return on February 1st after 2 years of COVID cancellations and postponements- a new year of positive change is ahead.

The positive qualities of those born in the year of the tiger include kindness, adventurous nature and enthusiasm. The negative signs include aggression, short-temper and anxiety- probably a good year for Tigers to work on more balanced moods and emotions.

The Year of the Tiger symbolises recovery and growth - positive signs after the past two years of instability.


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