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Hayfever, Sinus and Allergies

Spring has arrived and with it seasonal hayfever usually hits Newcastle. Spring is all about new beginnings and the season symbolizes starting fresh. After months of cooler temperatures Spring reawakens us and our surrounding environment as well as welcoming the Westerly winds and pollens. The major peak for grass pollen is usually October and November with smaller peaks around the start of the new year. Itchy watery eyes, sneezing, runny nose and lethargy are the standard for a lot of people this time of the year. For some the symptoms can last all year round having an adverse affect on work and lifestyle.

Hayfever and general sinus problems often respond quickly to acupuncture and/or chinese herbal medicine. Acute hayfever can respond after one or two acupuncture treatments but chronic cases may take longer to respond favourably and may cause low grade infections where stronger herbal formulae may be used along with varied acupuncture points.

The reoccurrence of hayfever or other allergies may happen less often with a boost to the immune system simultaneously with acupuncture and chinese herbs. Lifestyle changes can also be of benefit including eradicating humidity forming mould from your environment.

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