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Pre-Festive season Detox- Cheers!!

With Christmas fast approaching there is no better time to Detox instead of waiting until the damage is done after the Christmas festivities. Give your body a better chance to recover by rebalancing and building yourself up beforehand with a Detox. A Detox can be helped with the use of acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and some Liver cleansing suggestions. A Detox is really just a kick start or reboot for your digestive system.

Often a disordered GIT function can cause a toxic load on the Liver. Detox is a good idea to correct any digestive weaknesses before you start loading your whole system with excessive drinking and devouring all that nice, rich food. A simple Detox program may assist in the management of a wide variety of chronic diseases or an already imbalanced digestive system.

A feeling of goodness can also put a "handbrake" on overdoing things and help you get through the festive season in a more balanced and comfortable state.

A simple Detox can improve overall wellbeing and health as it can eliminate excessive bloating, ease reflux, sort out digestive discomfort and Stomach pain, stop nausea, correct hormone imbalances and increase energy and vitality.

So......give your body a treat and Detox (reboot) now rather than later.

(Always choose an AHPRA registered practitioner)

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1 Comment

David Rivers
David Rivers
Mar 06, 2020

I think this may be helpful for my skin condition, thanks for posting

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