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Acupuncture and Back Pain

Using acupuncture and Chinese medicine for back pain

When life starts to feel like a real pain in the.....back!

This encompasses pain in the upper back, thoracic area, lumbars, sacrum and both sides of the back. The pain may radiate over the thighs and down the legs. Pain originating in the lumbars is one of the most common complaints affecting about 80% of the population at some stage of their lives. The Chinese noticed that disorders affecting the Kidney often gave rise to low back pain and thus called the lower back the Palace of the Kidney. Therefore, in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory, a large portion of backaches have a component of Kidney deficiency. As well as this kidney deficiency back pain can be the result of numerous causes- trauma, accidents, overwork, lifting, sports injuries, degeneration, pelvic inflammatory disease, disc herniation etc...After many questions in your initial assessment I will formulate a program to try to ease the pain. Questions include the location of pain, type of pain, duration, what eases the pain?, what makes it worse?, medical history, lifestyle, emotional stresses, etc…

What a relief!!

The great thing about acupuncture is that it offers you drug-free pain control. Just remember that, generally speaking, the longer a person has a particular condition, the longer it can take to resolve the problem.

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